To cut a folder you must first have it selected, by clicking on either its folder name or its yellow folder icon. Once the folder is selected you then have the choice of two menu methods for cutting that selected folder.

Folders Creation Explained

Fig 1.0 - Select (left click on) a folder to continue

With menu method one; Place the mouse pointer over the selected folder and, whilst over the selected folder, click the right mouse button (right-click). Doing so will bring up the context menu (Options menu) for that selected folder. From there move the mouse pointer down (or up) the menu-items, temporarily highlighting each menu-item as you move downwards (or upwards), until you reach and highlight the menu-item called CUT. Now click the left mouse button (left click), whilst the mouse pointer is over the word CUT, to cut the selected folder.

Folders Creation Explained

Fig 1.1 - Move the mouse pointer down the menu-items until you reach and highlight the CUT menu-item. Then left click.

When CUT is activated the selected folder's yellow icon becomes ghosted/faded (below) and its name stays selected. This means the folder and its contents (sub-folders and files) are ready to be transferred (pasted) from their current place (i.e. from the DOCUMENTS folder) to a different place - You can not transfer to the same place. CUT works by moving a folder and its contents into the computer's memory, ready to be pasted (transferred) to a different place later (see the How To Paste A Folder section).

Folders Creation Explained

Fig 1.2 - CUT will fade out a folder, to denote that folder is ready to be moved elsewhere.

Technically, you did not have to select the folder first, with this menu method, as a Right-Click acts as a Double Click. So in this case the Right-Click selects the folder and then displays the Options menu.


Menu method two uses the currently selected folder's window, and more precisely its Ribbon, to activate the CUT function. A Ribbon is a sort of drop-down window or menu with buttons on it instead of traditional menu-items; such as the menu-items on a context menu.

To cut a folder using the ribbon you first need to select the folder (Fig 1.0 above). Once selected click on the HOME Tab (menu-item) of that selected folder's window, to display the ribbon (buttons menu), and then left click on the CUT (Scissors) button to cut the currently selected folder.

Folders Creation Explained

Fig 1.3 - Click on the CUT (Scissors) button to continue

As you can see; The two menu methods have similar options for the selected folder, such as RENAME and DELETE. And this is the case for most menus. So always check to see if there is a Right-Click, context menu, available for example for the task you are doing; such as renaming a folder or deleting a file. Likewise, check if there is a ribbon (buttons menu) available for that task.

Another way to cut a folder, once it is selected, is to use the CTRL and X keyboard key combination - Press the CTRL (Control) keyboard key down and, with CTRL still held down, press the X keyboard key (therefore CTRL and X). This is the quickest and easiest CUT method.