Shopping Online and Banking Online (E-Banking) will never be trusted 100% due to negativity such as "Don't Trust The Internet For Shopping" (usually told by the ill-informed, scare mongers and people who never shop online or e-bank) and the fact that real life online fraud cases exist (usually done via e-mail or online shopping), but this does not mean everyone will be frauded online.

People use the internet to download files and read e-mails, even though they know a potential virus could be one click away. People run across the street and chance death in other ways, even though they know it is dangerous to do so. People drink and smoke, even though they know it is not good for their overall health. Meaning, with shopping online and banking online there is also a risk that one day you might be stung by online fraud, even though you know it may never happen to you. The good news is, there are ways to limit those risks.

You can prevent online fraud, to some degree, by creating a PayPal Account to protect your debit/credit card's identity, by not opening e-mail from unknown people and by always keeping your computer up-to-date. You can also use is a piece of software from Trusteer called Rapport, that can be downloaded from your bank's website or directly from the trusteer website.

Rapport is a piece of security software that installs itself as a Windows 10 computer service and extra piece of software for web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. It also works on Safari for apple mac users. So when shopping online and banking online you should use one the just mentioned web browsers.

Rapport basically protects against Key Logging (i.e. prevents the sending of your User Name & Password keystrokes for example to the fraudsters website/server) and Screen Capture (i.e. prevents photos being taken of your desktop screen, which might be displaying your bank details for example). It protects against other things that a fraudster might use to get hold of your credit/bank details whilst you are shopping online and e-banking, but key logging and screen capture are its two important areas of protection. It also makes sure you are visiting your bank's website for example and not a fake version of your bank's website.


To download Rapport DON'T USE ANY OLD WEBSITE OFF THE INTERNET - Go to your bank's website instead. There are two reasons for doing this. 1) The internet is full of fake software (including fake, virus infested, Rapport software), so you do not really want to visit a website that offers you a download link to a fraudster's fake Rapport software. And 2) because the bank's version of Rapport is normally fine-tuned (specially programmed) to suit their particular online banking security requirements.

In the example below I have followed the Rapport Download link ( found on the Santander bank website simply because I bank with Santander. If you bank with HSBC for example you should either go to the HSBC bank website or google "HSBC Trusteer Rapport Download" (without quotes) in order to find a genuine HSBC Bank rapport download link or Trusteer website link.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.0 - Go to your bank's website and follow their links in order to download and install Rapport

When you have the download link for rapport (such as the one above) simply RUN its installation wizard. In this example, after clicking on the RUN button of internet explorer 11's notification bar (Fig 1.1 below) a UAC (User Account Control) security message requester appears (not shown here) asking you if you want to RUN the rapport installation wizard. If you do simply click on its YES button to continue, otherwise click on its NO button.

User Account Control (UAC) is a feature of Windows 10 that helps to prevent unauthorized changes to the computer, such as deleting a system file or installing software. When attempting to install Rapport the UAC security requester automatically blocks you off, because it wants to know if you are the one attempting to install Rapport and not a piece of malicious software for example. In this case simply click on the YES (or CONTINUE) button to continue, or on the NO (or CANCEL) button to cancel the installation process.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.1 - Click on the RUN button to run (launch/execute) the rapport Installation Wizard

At any time throughout the installation process you can click on a CANCEL button, if one is available, to Cancel the installation process. However, in some cases, generally speaking, even if you click on a CANCEL button the installation might have gone too far for it to be stopped, cancelled and/or reversed. So think very carefully before deciding to install anything on your Computer.

The first step of the rapport installation wizard reminds you to ALLOW rapport to be installed. Meaning, if your security software (i.e. Anti-Virus software) complains that Rapport cannot be trusted and/or is an unrecognized piece of software for example you should UNBLOCK / ALLOW rapport and therefore let its installation process continue. In some cases you might need to temporarily switch off (disable) your security software in order for the rapport installation wizard to continue.

As a general rule you should always keep your security software switched on (enabled) and only switch it off (disable it) if it prevents you from installing a known piece of software. In which case you would cancel the software installation (i.e. rapport software installation), switch off your security software (i.e. Norton Internet Security) and then re-run the software installation (i.e. rapport software installation). In this example though just click on the OK button to continue.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.2 - Temporarily switch off your Anti-Virus, if need be, before clicking on the OK button to continue

After clicking on the OK button (Fig 1.2 above) the installation wizard downloads the actual rapport files necessary to install the Windows online banking (rapport) protection services and so on (Fig 1.3 below). Ignore the technicals here though! Just wait for the Rapport Installation window to appear (Fig 1.4 below), select the I ACCEPT... Terms & Conditions radio (circle/dot) button and then click on its INSTALL button to continue.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.3 - The installation wizard is downloading the files needed to get Rapport up and running

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.4 - Click on the INSTALL button to install the Rapport software and its services

When the installation wizard has installed Rapport (below), its Online Banking Services and Web Browser Extras, click on its FINISH button.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.5 - Rapport is being installed.....

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.6 - Click on the FINISH button to continue

Now whenever you visit a website that asks you for your bank or credit details (i.e. your credit card information) you should notice the rapport Left Arrow icon inside your web browser's Address Box edit box (or somewhere close to it) has changed from Grey (Fig 1.6 below) to Green (Fig 1.7 below).

The grey rapport icon is displayed whenever you are on a website that is trusted and/or posses no known threats which basically means rapport is not protecting you while you are on that web page or website.....because it feels no need to. And the green rapport icon is displayed whenever you are on a website that may pose a threat and/or ask you for bank details, login details or credit details for example. Basically, green means rapport is protecting you from online fraud and fraudsters.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.7 - The grey icon means this website is trusted and/or posses no known threats

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.8 - The green icon means you are on a website that may pose a threat and/or ask you for login/bank details, etc

Rapport has a special console (window) that allows you to change the rapport settings. It can be seen by clicking on the rapport icon (grey or green) or by going to the TRUSTEER ENDPOINT PROTECTION folder on the START Menu and clicking on the TRUSTEER ENDPOINT PTROTECTIOIN CONSOLE menu-item. You can even switch rapport off and on by clicking on its appropriate START and STOP menu-items.

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.9 - Click on the TRUSTEER ENDPOINT PROTECTION CONSOLE menu-item to open the Rapport Console (Settings window)

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.10 - The Rapport Console (Settings window) - Page 1

Rapport Software Explained

Fig 1.11 - The Rapport Console (Settings window) - Page 2

Although the rapport console has many settings you can actually leave the console alone. There is normally no reason to open it. I have only shown it here so that you do know how to open it and if necessary stop or restart its services. Saying this: Make sure on Page 2 there is a tick next to the option called DO YOU COMPLY WITH SECURITY BEST PRACTICES?. If that option is unticked it means you are not using possible/available protections, in which case click on the SCAN AGAIN link or on the VIEW REPORT to see what is going on.

Hopefully you will download and install Trusteer Rapport and add an extra layer of, FREE, defence to your internet experience. Remember: There is not one single piece of software, such as an Internet Security Suite, that can perform every protection task. Norton Internet Security for example does a different job to Malwarebytes, and Malwarebytes has a different job to do than Trusteer Rapport.