The fifth TAB (window) on the Internet Options window is the Connections TAB. It is all about your Internet Connection(s) and your Network Connection(s). The only thing you need to look out for here is that there are no unwanted connections in the connections list, such as XXX Dialers and so on. For each one you find, select it (click on it) and then click on the REMOVE button to delete it. Fig 5.0 shows the Connections TAB with no problems. The only connection in the connections list is my TalkTalk Dial-Up (Pay-As-You-Go) connection.

Internet Explorer 11 Connections Tab

Fig 5.0 - Make sure there are no unwanted Dialers in the connections list

Although Diallers are normally created for Pay-As-You-Go internet accounts, as opposed to Broadband internet accounts, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) also create a P.A.Y.G Internet Account (with Dialler) for their Broadband internet account customer. This is so that if the customer's Broadband connection fails they can use the P.A.Y.G connection whilst waiting for their Broadband connection to be fixed. Therefore, if you are a Broadband user with a P.A.Y.G Internet Account as well you should also check that no unwanted Diallers are in the connections list.

If you are a Broadband user the setting for your broadband connection should be set to NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION, because your broadband modem/router should dial-up your ISP for an internet connection automatically. Therefore, no need to dial a connection manually. And if you are a P.A.Y.G user the setting for your dial-up connection should be set to ALWAYS DIAL MY DEFAULT CONNECTION, so that whenever you use Internet Explorer and/or Windows Mail for example you are always asked if you want to dial-up (connect to) your ISP for an internet connection or you want to stay offline.