The index below has three main learning levels - Beginner (1-3), Intermediate (4-6) and Advanced (7-9). As with every learning process learning the BASICS first can be boring and tedious at times but do end up making the other, slightly more difficult, lessons much easier to learn later. So do not learn The Internet lessons first if you have not read/learnt about Windows for example.

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Over the course of the BASIC lessons only (Folders & Files and Windows) you will see for yourself how easy Windows 10 is to use, due to each category/section being explained step-by-step, picture-by-picture, in a non-technical/clear/unintimidating way.

After learning the basics you might then quit thinking the Advanced lessons are going to be too advanced for you, but that is where you would be making a big mistake. Why? Because the advanced lessons are purposely explained in the same "easy to learn" manner as the basic lessons, so installing a Printer for example is easier than you think! So do not think computers are "TOO DIFFICULT TO LEARN" and/or "MEANT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ONLY" because they are not.

The  Computer   Folders  And  Files   Window Frames  /  Windows 10
Learn about the Desktop (Desktop Introduction) and how to use the Mouse Buttons/Pointers (Mouse Introduction).Getting Started With The Desktop And Mouse   An explanation of Folders (System Folders and User Folders) and Files (File Type, Format, Size, Etc).Folders and Files Explained   An introduction to the Window and its main componentsThe Window (Main Components) Explained
A brief introduction to knowing core computer parts and running software typesWhat Components Make Up A Computer?   How to Create a Folder in Windows 10How To Create A Folder   How to Minimize (Collapse) a WindowHow To Minimize (Collapse) A Window
Learn about Memory, Memory Usage, Memory Types and Memory Sizes.Learn About Various Aspects Of PC Memory   How to Rename a Folder in Windows 10How To Rename A Folder   How to Maximize (Full Screen) a WindowHow To Maximize (Full Screen) A Window
Knowing what the Hard Drive is and what is stored on it can make your computer fasterThe Hard Drive - What Is Normally Stored On It?   How to Delete a Folder in Windows 10How To Delete A Folder   How to Move (Drag) a WindowHow To Move (Drag) A Window
Knowing what the CPU is and does can make your computer fasterThe CPU - What Is It? And What Does It Do?   How to Create a Sub-Folder in Windows 10How To Create A Sub-Folder   How to Re-Size a WindowHow To Re-Size A Window
Knowing what System Resources are and what uses them up can make your computer fasterWhat Are System Resources? What Uses Them?   How to Copy A Folder in Windows 10How To Copy A Folder   How to Scroll a WindowHow To Scroll A Window - Scroll Bars / Buttons
Learn about the Floppy Disk Drive, CD/DVD Drive, Flash Drive and their media storage capacitiesLearn About Other Types Of Drive   How to Cut A Folder in Windows 10How To Cut A Folder   How to Close a Window or Tabbed WindowHow To Close A Window / Tabbed Window
What makes a Computer slow down?... even when it is brand newWhat Makes A PC Slow? Even When Brand New   How to Paste A Folder in Windows 10How To Paste A Folder  
Learn how to Switch Off the computer Correctly - How to change the SHUTDOWN options.How To Correctly Switch Off (Shutdown) A Computer   How to Save A File in Windows 10How To Save A File - SAVE AS File Requester  
  Windows 10 Folder And File Path Names ExplainedFolder And File Path Names Explained  
An introduction to the basics of the START Menu and its Menu Items - How to use the START Menu and PIN-TO features.START Menu Introduction - Menu Items - Pinned Apps   How to Delete a File in Windows 10How To Delete A File   The Taskbar (Icons and Settings) and the Notification Area (Icons and Settings)The Taskbar (Resize, Move, Icons, Settings, Preview Panes)
  How to Rename a File in Windows 10How To Rename A File  
  How to Open A File in Windows 10How To Open A File - OPEN File Requester  
  Select, Copy & Paste, Cut & Paste and Folder Hierarchy explained.Select. Copy. Cut. Paste. Multi-Selection. Folder Hierarchy.  
What Specifications to look for when Buying A New Or Second-Hand ComputerBuying A Computer / Specifications To Look For   How to change the display view, and options, for a folder.Change Folder Views And Folder Options  
  How to create a shortcut icon - explaination of iconsHow To Create A Shortcut Icon - Icons Explained  
Laptop Function Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts explainedLaptop Keys / Keyboard Shortcuts Explained   How to zip (compress/crunch/shrink) and unzip (decompress/extract/expand) folders and files using Windows 10.How To De/Compress (Unzip/Expand/Zip/Shrink) Folders/Files  

The  Internet  /  Networking   E-Mail  /  E-Mail  Clients   Security  Settings  /  Protection
Website, Web Page, Home Page, Index Page, Server, Client, Web Browser and URL explained.Web Terminology / Internet Jargon Explained   How to set up an e-mail account within the windows 10 mail appHow To Set Up An E-Mail Account (Windows 10 MAIL App)   Virus, Worm, SpyWare, Key-Logger, MalWare and so on explainedVirus, Spyware, Phishing, Etc Explained
  How to create, and then send, an e-mail using the Windows 10 MAIL App.How To Create And Send An E-Mail   How to manually check for windows 10 updatesHow To Manually Check For Windows 10 Updates
  How to attach a file to an e-mail.How To Add (Attach) Files To An E-Mail   Free security, protection, software you might consider for windows 10 - Some protection software explainedFREE Security/Protection Software Explained
  How to Receive and Open (View) E-Mail. E-Mail Conversations Exampled And Explained.How To Receive And Open (View) E-Mail   One way to help protect your Credit Card informationProtect Credit Details With On-Screen Keyboard
    General TAB - How to Clean-Up Internet Explorer 11's HistoryInternet Options - Delete Internet Explorer 11 History
  How to forward, and reply to, an e-mail with attachments.How To Forward, And Reply To E-Mail, With Attachments.   Security TAB - How to Default/Set Internet Explorer 11's Security ZonesInternet Options - Reset IE11 Security Zones
    Privacy TAB - How to block Pop-Up windows and manage websites that use a Cookie file.Internet Options - Allow / Block Pop-Up Sites
How to install TalkTalk Wireless Modem/Router.How To Install A TalkTalk Wireless Modem/Router     How to use Content Advisor - Control the type of content viewed with Internet Explorer 11.Internet Options - Content Advisor
How to connect to a Wireless Network. Explanation of the Wireless Modem/Router, Wireless Network Adaptor, Wireless Network and Network Key.How To Connect To A Wireless Network     Connections TAB - How to Remove Unwanted Diallers.Internet Options - Remove Unwanted Diallers
How to secure/protect a Wireless Network with a Network Key (Security Password) and how to secure a Router's Control Panel with a Password.How To Secure A Wireless NW/Router With Password   How to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail ClientHow To Download And Install Thunderbird E-mail Client   Programs TAB - An example of using Manage Add-Ons in specific scenarios. How to enable Cookies.Internet Options - Manage ADD-ONs
How to create a HomeGroup Network in Windows 10.How To Create A HomeGroup Network   How to set up an existing e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail ClientSet Up Existing E-mail Account In Thunderbird   Advanced TAB - Advanced internet explorer settings explained. How to Reset/Default internet explorer's settings.Internet Options - Advanced Settings
How To Install Netgear WNA1100 USB Wireless Network AdaptorHow To Install A USB Wireless Network Adaptor    
How To Install A Huawei E353 USB P.A.Y.G Internet DongleHow To Install A USB Internet Dongle    
How To Set Up, Use, Enable, Configure, Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection.How To Remotely Connect To Another Computer     How to scan for and remove malware (malicious software) threats with MalwareBytes FREE (and Premium) version.How To Remove Malware Problems With MalwareBytes
How to install the TP Link WA830RE Wireless Signal Range Extender/Access Point on Windows 7How To Install A Wireless Signal Extender (Booster)     How to download and install free online banking and shopping protection software Trusteer RapportHow To Use Trusteer Rapport Bank Protection Software
How to set up TP Link TL-WA830RE Wireless Range Extender as an Access Point, with its own wireless network name.How To Install A Wireless Access Point (Two Networks)     How to identify fake virus websites and alertsHow To Identify Fake Virus Websites And Alerts
How to find a forgotten wireless network password (key / passphrase) in Windows 10.How To Find A Forgotten Wireless Network Password   A Quick List (Reference) of common, up-to-date, BT, Sky, Orange, TalkTalk and Virgin POP3 / SMTP E-Mail Settings (Configurations).BT, Sky, Orange, TalkTalk and Virgin E-Mail Settings   How to protect your home network from malware and adult content websites using Blocker ServicesProtect Your Home Network From Malware / Adult Content
How to create a wireless file sharing network connection between a Windows 7 computer and an Apple Mac Tiger OS X computer.File Sharing Windows 7 & Apple Mac Tiger OS X    
How to use MAC Filtering to deny a device internet access. Find MAC Address.How To Use MAC Filtering To Deny A Device Internet Access    
How to manually install (set up) TP-Link TL WR1043ND Wireless Cable Router.How To Install TP-Link TL WR1043ND Wireless Cable Router    

The  Control  Panel   Software  Installation  /  Usage   Hardware  Installation  /  Usage
An explanation of common Windows 10 Control Panel programsCommon Control Panel Programs Explained   Installing Software explainedGuidance For Installing Software On Windows   Installing Hardware explainedGuidance For Installing Hardware On Windows
How to uninstall (remove/delete) programs and software and their leftover fragments.How To Uninstall Programs, Software And Leftover Fragments   How to custom install Open OfficeHow To Custom Install Open Office  
How to backup your personal folders/files using the Backup And Restore control panelHow To Backup Files With BACKUP AND RESTORE    
How to restore/recover personal folders/files that were previously backed up using the Backup And Restore control panelHow To Restore/Recover Personal Folders, Files Or Both     How to scan a document or photograph with the Canon MP499 scanner. General scanner settings explained.How To Scan A Document Or Photograph
  How To Create A USB Recovery/Repair Flash Drive In Windows 10How To Create A USB Recovery/Repair Flash Drive   How to import photo and video files from a digital cameraHow To Import Photos And Videos From A Digital Camera
How to make a program the Default (Normally Used) Program and how to Grant Access to other programs.How To Make A Program The Default Program     How to manually burn (copy) folders and files onto a cd or dvd disc using Windows 10How To Manually Burn (Copy) Files Onto A CD/DVD
How to set the protocols and/or file types for a particular, default, program.How To Set A Program's, Default, Protocols/File Types     How to burn (copy) folders and files onto a cd or dvd disc using AShampoo Burning Studio FREE softwareBurn (Copy) Files Onto A CD/DVD Using Software
How to associate a program with one or more protocols and/or file typesHow To Set A Protocol's/File Type's Default Program   How to RIP an Audio CD (save cd audio tracks as mp3 files) using Windows Media Player 12How To RIP A CD (Save CD Audio Tracks) As MP3 Files   How to insert / remove laptop memoryHow To Install (Remove / Insert) Laptop Memory
How to set up AutoPlay optionsHow To Set AutoPlay Default Actions For Media   How to Disable or Re/Enable an application (program/task) from the boot-sequence (start-up list)How To Disable Or Enable Start-Up Programs/Tasks   How to Format a USB Flash Drive with the exFat file system. ReadyBoost, Defragment and Error-Check a flash drive.Flash Drive: Format / ReadyBoost / exFAT / Error Check
  How to clean up unnecessary/unneeded system files on a Windows 10 installed hard drive partitionHow To Cleanup Hard Drive . Create More Space   How to play dvd movies on Windows 10How To Play DVD Movies On Windows 10
How to create a, Standard, Windows User Account. How to add a Password and how to change the account's Picture.Create A, Standard, Windows User Account    
  How to use the DOS Command Prompt to scan the system files of Windows 10 for file corruption and other problems.How To Use The DOS Command Prompt (CLI)   Learn how to view common computer specifications, ready for a technical helpline.How To View Common Computer Specifications
How to change, add or remove, the default display language and keyboard layout/language of windows 10How To Add/Change The Default Language/Keyboard   How to use the registry editor in Windows 10. How to create keys, settings and values.How To Use The Registry Editor   Learn about the Computer Fair - Get cheaper Hardware and Software at prices that are much lower than in the shops.Get Cheaper HW/SW From A Computer Fair
How to make the Mouse Pointer bigger, larger, in Windows 10. How to create your own mouse pointers.How To Make The Mouse Pointers Bigger   What to do when the computer Crashes or Freezes.Actions To Take When Your PC Crashes/Freezes   How to Safely Remove Hardware - Caching and Performance explainedHow To Safely Remove A Hardware Device
How to transfer files via a bluetooth device to a mobile phone.Transfer Files Via A Bluetooth Device To A Mobile Phone     Learn how to partition (split into two) a computer's hard drive on Windows 10.How To Partition (Split Into Two) A Hard Drive
How to Create a System Restore Point, and how to use System Restore, in order to repair Windows 10.How To Create A System Restore Point / Repair Windows   Recommended, Free-To-Try and Free-To-Use, SoftwareFree, Important, Downloads For Windows 10